Wylie Seeds

Ag Marketing for Tomorrow

Wylie Seeds is a family-owned pedigreed seed farm in west central Saskatchewan, 14 kilometres south of Biggar. They have been farming in the area since 1947 and are a select seed grower with an accredited seed plant. 

Agriculture, like all other industries, is increasingly technical. Farmers are often accessing the web from tablets and smartphones, especially with the increase of automation.

If you’re not online, you’ve automatically made it difficult for your clients to find out more about who you are and what sets you apart.

The Wylie crew knew this well and sought us out to develop a site that was a friendly, accessible tool for their current and prospective clients. After an extensive survey of their competitors and partner seed companies, we came up with a strategy for their site. 

We highlighted the basics (who Wylie is, what they sell and how to find them), and went further to add links to their seed partners and a visually engaging story that was especially mobile responsive. 

With over 200 seed farms selling and marketing their seed in Saskatchewan, we wanted to ensure a clean and modern design that would reflect the trust and quality of Wylie seeds.

Stay tuned – we are looking forward to updating the Wylie site with some fantastic photography when harvest hits!

Check out the new website at wylieseeds.ca